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Chicken in Orange Sauce

When people ask me, how it was in Armenia, I grin and say: '+5 kilos'. Yes, it's no joke. Chicken in Orange Sauce Recipe Recipe Type: Meat and poultry Cuisine: Armenian Cuisine Ingredients 0.1 kg olive oil 1.25 kg chicken leg quarters (fresh frozen) 0.1 kg butter 0.25 bulb onion 0.4 kg fresh unpeeled orange

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Lamb Roll

Everything is relative. There are no bad and no good things. There is only our perception of the situation. Lamb Roll Recipe Recipe Type: Meat and Poultry Cuisine: Armenian Cuisine, French Cuisine Prep time: 30 mins Cook time: 20 mins Total time: 50 mins Serves: 1 Ingredients 200 g lamb fillet 20 g lamb kidneys

  • Armenia. Day I-1

Armenia. Day I

Yerevan has its own original beauty. It’s warm, with its own mood and has lots of details that can be found in no other city. Yerevan smells like freedom. It flows to your head like young wine, to be precise. You feel it at once, with the first breathe, that you're here, in Yerevan. Everything

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