Light salads for active and slim, festive salads for hospitable and cheerful, original salads for bright and ambitious. I’ve been collecting various tasty salads recipes in this section from the world’s best chefs, which fascinate with their diversity, exquisiteness and creative approach.

A salad recipe was first invented in ancient Rome, and then French cooks elaborated various and tastiest salads. The first salad recipe consisted of lettuce and endive, different varieties of onions, as well as dressing with olive oil, vinegar and honey.

Until XIX century salads were solely vegetarian dishes. And only 200 years ago cooks started adding meat ingredients to fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and greens. Salad has become a full-flavoured and self-consistent dish, and not only a supplement to meat or fish.

A concept of “festive salads” appeared. And yes, the unforgettable Russian salad is one of such salads. French chef Lucien Olivier would be really surprised, if he could know that his special salad recipe with fried slices of grouse and partridge, crayfish and pressed caviar was completely changed by Soviet housewives. Only the name leaves the same..

Today Internet is full of salads recipes with pictures. I present not only tasty salads recipes, but really unique dishes. My collection is not vast, but each salad recipe at Food’n’Chef is a real culinary masterpiece.

Just check the names and for sure you would like to cook a roast beef salad, suggested by Aleksey Shvets , and also a salad with baked vegetables that is so easy to cook and tasty to eat. You’ll be eager to learn how to cook “Thai and Italian friendship” from Sergey Kalinin. Philippe Duc will win your heart with a healthy and light salad with the perfect combination of products. And when you once taste langoustine with crab salad and biscuits from calves’ feet, you will keep a rich and bright taste of this dish in your memory for a long time.

But no more distractions, tasty salads recipes are waiting for you! Start with the most sophisticated dish and feel your involvement in the world of haute cuisine! Aspire and you’ll conquer the most delicious salads with your talent!

Organic eggs and royal crayfish

Organic Egg, Rich-Style Crayfish_1_rsz

Organic eggs and royal crayfish – a salad recipe for those who prefer a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. And for those who think that a healthy diet is tasteless. Try Here proteins are properly combined with good carbohydrates, everything is carefully thought out and mixed. Right combination of products, quality ingredients and a lot of nutrients in one dish!

See the recipe: Organic eggs and royal crayfish

Smoked Chanterelle and Porchini Salad with Garlic Chips and Thyme Oil

Саат с подкопченными илсичками

Tasty salads recipes captivate, capture and inspire for great deeds. Are you ready? So, it’s time to take the basket and go into the woods in search of mushrooms, because the chef Aleksey Shvets offered anothersalad recipe. Salad with smoked chanterelles and porcini mushrooms with garlic chips and thyme oil – the name itself is already make a mouth water. Believe me, mushrooms combined with fragrant oil sound indescribably delicious!

See the recipe: Smoked Chanterelle and Porchini Salad with Garlic Chips and Thyme Oil

Roast Beef Recipe with Miso Dressing

Roast Beef Recipe with Miso Dressing

Can European and Oriental cuisines get along harmoniously ? Easily! Roast beef salad with miso dressing is a visual confirmation. The salad recipe combines the delights of the French and British culinary culture and traditions of Japanese cuisine.

See the recipe: Roast Beef Recipe with Miso Dressing

Roasted Langoustine with Crab Cookies and Veal Leg Salad

Pino Lavarra, Chef at Tosca_rsz2

Pino Lavarra is not only the holder of two Michelin stars, but also a happy chef of the restaurant with the best panoramic views of Hong Kong at a height of 400 m. It is a cradle of everything most unusual and extraordinary Crab pastry with roasted langoustine salad with veal legs and truffle sauce will conquer you at first sight!

See the recipe:Roasted Langoustine with Crab Cookies and Veal Leg Salad

Baked Veggies Salad with Rye Bread Croutons Recipe

Baked Veggies Salad with Rye Bread Croutons Recipe_rsz

What could be better than a salad with roasted vegetables with rye bread croutons, prepared by a great person and a good cook Aleksey Shvets? Light salads are good at any time of day and even at night!

See the recipe: Baked Veggies Salad with Rye Bread Croutons Recipe

Rabbit with Salad, Goat Cheese and Berries Recipe


Do you feel sad today? Do you feel like creating beautiful things and dreaming? Then, another masterpiece from two maestro of haute cuisine is perfectly for you!

Recipe of rabbit, goat cheese and berries salad is a light, elegant and very feminine dish, but suitable for men as well.

See the recipe: Rabbit with Salad, Goat Cheese and Berries Recipe

Thai-Italian Friendship Salad Recipe


Most tasty salads combine best features of different culinary traditions.Thai-Italian Friendship salad recipe has combined Europe and Asian passions! As a result we’ve got an Italian salad with Thai dressing and Asian greens mix. Easy to cook and tastes great!

See the recipe:  Thai-Italian Friendship Salad Recipe

That’s all for today, but only for today! The life is too short to waste it by eating ordinary food! That’s the reason why I’ll keep on collecting recipes of light salads, festive salads, most tasty salads, to enlarge my collection and amaze you!