Thai food, says gorgeous, talented but very humble chef Korn Yodsuk, first it’s enjoying the view . Then the pleasure of taste. And only then feelings come to replace

I do not know when in my sore body, forced by insomnia, and came feelings. I think they were with me when I was trying everything that chef cooked.

Thai food in Kuala Lumpur-2

Traditional Chinese dish of sixty-nine ingredients, which is cooked exclusively in Malaysia and Singapore in the Chinese New Year.

Lobsters in insanely tasty, thai, slightly spicy sauce.

Salad of eleven species of seafood.

Chicken in sauce from green kari.

Chicken with potatoes, sweet onions and lotus seeds in kari sauce.

Baked rolls from chicken and corn

Fois gras on coconut milk

Homemade ice cream with durians

And the dessert on the photo. Honestly, I forgot about its ingredients because of the variety of dishes that were. But the taste I’ll never forget …

Kuala Lumpur met me very tasty. Very much so.