Constantly monitoring different airlines offers and promotions, I Ibump into one important problem. Almost none of the airline doesn’t make good discounts on flights to and from Ukraine. So any ways to save on air tickets in our case, unfortunately, don’t work.

And therefore, the most acceptable alternative is to fly from airport in Kiev “Zhulyany” by company-lowcost Wizzair. To my surprise, not all know and use this air shuttle. Wizzair flies almost all over the Europe, which is very convenient.

The cheapest way to go to Barcelona-2

Modern aeroplanes, clean and recently renovated airport almost in the center of Kiev. But, as often happens in causes with inexpensive things, there are some nuances.

The first is that in my case, the airport of arrival was out in hundred kilometers from the purpose of my trip, Barcelona. Wizzair flies in a cozy little town of Girona. In principle, it isn’t even a problem, because right from the airport there are regular buses Barcelona Bus right to the center of Barcelona. Only an hour by excellent European highway and you’re in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

The cheapest way to go to Barcelona-3

And the second nicety is the late arrival back to Kiev. The aeroplane arrives after midnight, and I had no other choice but to wait in Kiev till the morning and in the morning return to Odessa. But this problem in the framework of my visit, I could freely decide, but about it a little later, in another article about how I flew from Barcelona to Milan.