Macau is dull in its beauty. Visually, and not only, the city-country can be divided into two parts. Area casinos, where clean, beautiful, and absolutely nothing to do, if you’re not a player and the old town, where there is still preserved the spirit of Portugal, which was involved on the Chinese tradition, where dirty, there are no normal catering and streets like Mong Kok in Hong Kong, including and the number of Chinese who came to this small narrow town with a large family to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

And here, too, that have nothing to do, I realized earlier when Lonely Planet suggested that I see the ruins of the Catholic cathedral.

In general, here is well going to play, Russian soul like it here. Polite waiting staff, lots of kitsch and gold, strange installations, designed to keep the player in the casino area and almost nowhere is allowed to shoot. To my question they politely answered that the rules and once again asked to remove the camera.

This is the last country in my two month journey through Asia, I traveled to Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and Malaysia, the only country that is not limited to the boundaries of the city, for me represented Kuala Lumpur.

And if I gave my heart to Hong Kong and Singapore, two gorgeous and wonderful in every sense of the cities, in the same-as I am irritated by the second half of the countries I visited. Alas, Asia is not perfect everywhere.