I think it is my favorite intersection in the Hong Kong. I tried to understand why?

As in Hong Kong there are bunch of beautiful and glorious places. Then I understood

It represents good roads, and then a hole is almost impossible to see here, the beautiful architecture, skyscrapers, Asia bright colors, south, evergreen foliage and beautifully dressed people.

That such is the quintessence of the good things that I see here in Hong Kong.

Ahh, well, still near is LKF

The most beautiful places in Hong Kong-2

In all hotels where I stay, for me necessarily run from the front desk when I go out to make a photo shoot.
– You already check out, sir?

They can’t understand why I get out of the hotel with a big bag. Maybe I turned upside down my room bed nailed to the ceiling and tied to a toilet bowl Thai transvestite whose services I tried to impose half the night ?

I have to this in principle, and I even used to worrying if I have no one calls out to the lobby. I even start to be afraid about they won’t eat my Tableron bought in duty-free and left on the bedside table in anticipation of the evening …

The most beautiful places in Hong Kong-1

Despite the amazing beauty and singularity of Hong Kong, get used to it. How to get used to the closed person and friend, feeling him it every fiber of the body and enjoying its presence.

It’s all done so that you feel like a Person who doesn’t think about the domestic problems inherent in Ukraine. They simply don’t have them here.

But sometimes that’s Hong Kong presents such surprises, such as this view from the twenty-fifth floor restaurant Sevva.

I was standing and drinking Italian wine, leaning on the railing and enjoyed the bustle of the city at night and conversation with new friends, forgetting even get the camera and capture this beauty for your city.

I thought, yes, in principle, and now it seems that the camera doesn’t give this mood and this atmosphere.

You soar above the city, noisy and inviting, like an angel, and contemplate this glorious world with a height inaccessible and hidden from human eyes..