Time zones, food and about the nature-2

To live on two time zones is tedious. And given the specificity people from Odessa to up about eleven in the morning and generally start work after lunch, then all of my connection with the motherland begins practically dead of night

For example now, as I’m writing this post, I had already managed to have breakfast, made one shot , had a meeting, wrote few letters, drank coffee at Starbucks and had lunch. In Odessa it is only nine o’clock in the morning.

At the same time, when I have free time in Hong Kong, and I spend it exploring the city or spend the night in good company, drinking wine on the roof of a skyscraper, start calls from Ukraine.

And no, it’s not bad, just quite funny to see how my Chinese friends are surprised when I enthusiastically discuss a photo shoot in March in Russian, and they couldn’t understand, smile and nod to the beat of my words.

And then be obligatory question: What happens? Do you still working?

Time zones, food and about the nature-3

It is very difficult to refuse the proposed dish when it looks gorgeous and also to the same as elegant and smells.

You are obliged to try it, says the chef and I understand it in his eyes that if I don’t take the fork after put aside the camera, I ‘ll put him a deep resentment.

To hell with the diet, feelings and everything connected with it. You should taste it, Alex.

And I even didn’t notice how at one point swallow this gentle calf on potatoes with parmesan and lovingly laid out around the mushrooms and some sauce.

You should taste it. And I know that tonight I wouldn’t buy the loaf, which is looked for several days in a candy store near my house, returning with past surveys.

You should taste it, says the chef with French accent, and I understand that today I will have a long walk at night Hong Kong. And no, not for pleasure but in order to burn those calories that I get now.

And I ate it. Hey, who would like to walk with me night city?

Do you want same drinks? Maybe wine or coffee?

Time zones, food and about the nature-4

The whole trick of Hong Kong is that if you are tired of city life, and you have few hours to spare, it is absolutely not necessary to sit in bars or restaurants, or already quite extreme case, at home.

Just half an hour away by any transport to and from any place, you find yourself in a place of incredible beauty, where you can relax as the brain and body.

Hong Kong is very green city. About seventy percent of its territory is occupied by impenetrable forests, through which carefully cut out and paved with concrete paths.

Imagine about a hundred different paths through the woods, along the cliffs and along the sea, different lengths and different ways.

There are the benches and seating areas, every few kilometers there are public toilets.

If you want, choose your way through the temples and villages, want, abandoned, and lonely trails, sinking into eternal shadow and creepers.

The main, don’t sit at home. A facebook? Well, I’ll explain another time.