I am for freedom of choice! Someone likes blondes, someone prefers brunettes, and some people like men. People prefer to live in skyscrapers or in silent village, and someone travels all over the world and doesn’t have a home. That man’s choice depends of desires and ambitions. and someone chooses a vegetarianism as a lifestyle. And I’m really respecting that choice, especially if it based on world view, and not a desire to follow fashion tendency.

Vegetarian cuisine is very multifaced and I admire it! And in Food’n’Chef I created a special section with recipes by best chefs. And when I decide to have vegetarian “vacation” I can find the best recipes right here!

Today I’m ready to present hit-parade of best vegetarian dishes from different part of the world. I’m not divide vegetarian recipes by quickness and popularity, you will do it yourself, just want to show you all variety and simplicity of vegetarian cuisine.

Pasta with Mushrooms Recipe

Pasta with Season Mushrooms Recipe_rsz

Pasta with mushrooms recipe is cooked by terrific chef Aleksey Shvets subdued gourmets and fans of vegetarian cuisine! In my plate there are three kinds of mushrooms: porchini, girolles and honey funguses, but to be honest that vegetarian dish of Italian cuisine you can cook with rough boletuses or any other season mushrooms. Experiment, try and create!

See the recipe: Pasta with Mushrooms

Vegetable Stew in Wok

Vegetable Stew in Wok_rsz

Vegetable Stew in Wok is juicy crispy vegetables, which save taste, flavor and all vitamins! Oleg Pashkevich, Chef at Sushi 360 is very dexterous with that Chinese wok and I just look forward for bright vegetables at photo! Best vegetarian dishes are which you love with the first sight.

See the recipe: Vegetable Stew in Wok

Taglialette with Butter and Black Truffle

Tagliatelle with Butter and Black Truffle_rsz

Taglialette with Butter and Black Truffle – it’s wow! Very very tasty! History of the dish brings us to the 15 century, to beautiful bride and holiday of taste! Italian vegetarian cuisine gives us to only best recipes, but also great stories of their appearing!

See the recipe: Taglialette with Butter and Black Truffle

«Sesame coins» with cashew cream


You just need to try «Sesame coins» with cashew cream and you’ll understand that t is possible for dish to be tasty and healthy in one moment! Great raw-chef Vladimir Sukotin proofs it with every dish! Crispy sesame cakes and delicate cream with cashew nuts, honey and hibiscus – a brilliant combination of taste. Try it!

See the recipe: «Sesame coins» with cashew cream

Porcini in Papillote

Porcini in Pappilote

Only Spanish people know how to cook mushrooms to please the king! All best recipes in “mushroom section” are born in Spain. Porcini in Papillote by Huan are best!

See the recipe: Porcini in Papillote

Fruit Carpaccio with Lavender Syrup

Fruit Carpaccio with Lavender Syrup_rsz

Vegetarian cuisine includes the best recipes of delicious and simple desserts. Fruit carpaccio with lavender syrup is elegant and stunningly delicious Italian dessert from the winner of Season 3 of “Master Chef” Olga Martynovskaya. It conquer me with taste, originality and charming chef!

See the recipe: Fruit Carpaccio with Lavender Syrup

Banana Cake 2014

Banana Cake 2014
Continuing the theme of stunning sweet dessert from Italian chef Luca Marinelli – Banana Cake 2014. “Cocoa sand”, chocolate mousse, caramel bananas and banana cake – perfect harmony!

See the recipe: Banana Cake 2014

Penne Pasta with Chilli Sauce

Penne Pasta Recipe with Chili Sauce_rsz
Are you tired by desserts? Well, you’re squeamish person! Add some spicy! The recipe for penne pasta with chilli sauce is hot, juicy, perfect! The paste was prepared for me by Aleksey Shvets chef Bernardazzi six months ago, but the taste of this dish in my mouth. Gentle penne stress and soften the burning chilli! Quick recipes is the best way to save the hungry man, check for yourself!

See the recipe: Penne Pasta with Chilli Sauce

Oranges Sweet Bean Paste

Oranges Sweet Bean Pate_rsz

The best recipes of desserts is a dish with “secret”! Chef Korn from Erawan surprised and conquered me with his art and hospitality. The dessert that looks like a little fruit, when in fact these “Orange” is a sweet bean paste. Is easy, it looks better and tastes simply delicious!

See the recipe: Oranges Sweet Bean Paste

Hummus: Homemade Recipe with Paprika and Olive Oil

Homemade Hummus with Paprika and Olive Oil Recipe

Vegetarian recipes Oriental cuisine has conquered the whole world! Tasty dish of chickpeas, who adore the Roman emperors, Egyptian pharaohs, and even the gods of ancient Greece has recently become popular in Europe! Hummus: homemade recipe with paprika and olive oil, which has provided a wonderful chef Alex Shvets enchant you immediately and permanently!

See the recipe: Hummus with Paprika and Olive Oil

Baked Veggies Salad with Rye Bread Croutons Recipe

Baked Veggies Salad with Rye Bread Croutons Recipe
Do you know how long people cook and eat salads? This is one of the oldest dishes in the culinary world. Most delicious recipes of easy salads belong to vegetarian cuisine. Recipe salad of roasted vegetables with slices of rye bread, which was prepared by great person and chef Aleksey Shvets and is quickly prepared, tasty eating and looks beautiful. Highly recommend!

See the recipe: Baked Veggies Salad with Rye Bread Croutons

It’s just the beginning of the collection of vegetarian recipes. I won’t tired to travel all over the world and search for best chefs and best recipes. Vegetarian cuisine has so many interesting things! I’m absolutely sure!