I don’t tolerate various tourist spots. What could be hilarious in long queues, huge crowds and basically not interesting place?

Victoria Peak – a tourist attraction-2

But in order to make sure that another tourist attraction is a speculation, worth it to go. So came with a very popular and described in all the manuals and travel guides lookout Victoria Peak.

Victoria Peak – a tourist attraction-3

In order to climb to the peak itself, we must stand very long, sometimes in few hours, turn on the cable car that will take you to this observation deck. Ok, there are other options, such as a taxi or bus from the Central MTR. But I like a real “tourist”, defended these same an hour and a half.

Victoria Peak – a tourist attraction-4

The climb itself takes about three minutes, and nothing interesting in it , besides the fact that it’s taking you with a crash at an angle of forty-five degrees, no.

At the top you realize that you missed. Got on another line that is waiting to come down on the same cable car. Ugh.

Victoria Peak – a tourist attraction-5

Next you wait seven circles of hell in the form of a shopping center with a variety of trinkets that you slipped, weaving between crowds and take the escalator up and up.

Victoria Peak – a tourist attraction-6

And then, finally, managed to get to the observation deck, where else should stand in a queue to stick to the railing, maneuvering between the Chinese and tripods with cameras.

Victoria Peak – a tourist attraction-7