I decided to try a new format for the blog where I’ll post small notes about my feelings, impressions and domestic difficulties. For me it is a new species, but I think it could be interesting. I welcome your feedback.

GEYLANG and prostitutes, yes …

Slyadnev, remember! Never book hotels in more than one kilometer from the city center<!–more–>

Otherwise, as in this time, will have to blooze with Malaysian prostitutes half the night in the area by type Geylang …

Quiet corner in Chinatown
Welcome to Singapore-2

Already for half an hour I’m sitting on the stairs in Chinese temple in Chinatown. Barefoot. Near are monks in yellow robes and someone beat the shit out of the drum behind the wall warlike melody. From incenses the head is spanning. But there is no force to get up and leave. And don’t want.

What time does the sun goes down in Singapore?
Welcome to Singapore-3

In Singapore, the sun goes down about seven, you talk about this with birds who organize a concert in the trees is not worse than the X-factor. For me it’s all crazy, like 30-degree heat on the third of January.

In Hong Kong, the sun goes down, too, about this time, but there’s already dark at four. Just because of the mountains and skyscrapers can’t see anything.

Gardens by the Bay
Welcome to Singapore-4

I have a strange feeling that I’m on another planet.

No, I understand the brains that I’m here at home. But my sick imagination slips me pictures of wild fantasy that I apparently read in childhood.

At the same time, in complete silence, with absolutely no birds singing, the trees are constantly versicolored changing brightness haphazard.

Ah, give me back my brain into place!