In my apartments, of about eleven square meters, about which I will write more separately, there is a coffee machine, large double bed and four pillows, so it was more convenient

But there is absolutely no washing machine and I somehow missed this moment, when planning a trip.

Well, something didn’t occur to my head that it’s necessary for two months at least sometimes to do the washing of my belongings.

And if the laundry, sorry for the details, it’s simple. I simply throw out it, the shirts and pants – somehow pathetic.

So I used online web and started looking for laundry. These places are absent in Ukraine, but ubiquitous in other countries.

The nearest was twenty meters from my house. I bring a bag with dirty things, weighed it and pay. And three hours later take washed and ironed under the press my belongings.

Very comfortable, given that the cost is about 35 hryvnia for 6lbs.

Roughly speaking, it’s necessary to do the washing once a week. Excuse me for such everyday details