Michelin dishes are a separate world. Separate world of taste impressions. Separate culinary story.

That’s a pure art, where best products of the highest quality are used for cooking according to the latest gastronomic trends, keeping at the same time all the culinary secrets.

I’ve already made a special selection of Michelin recipes for you. And today you’ll have one more recipe in your collection – Zucchini with grilled vegetables and chicken fat from Sebastian Frank.

The whole process can be split into three stages. To cook zucchini, then to cook chicken fat and grilled vegetables.

It happens rather rarely that you won’t need any unique ingredients and a few days to cook this dish. All you’ll need is a set of vegetables and herbs, and exquisite serving.

By the way, according to the chef’s advice, the dish shall be served on a white dish where it would look even more posh and attractive. And don’t forget the decoration.

Zucchini with grilled vegetables and chicken fat

As for herbs and spices, Sebastian would prefer anise hyssop, but feel free to choose the flowers and herbs up to your taste.

Well, if you decide to cook this Michelin recipe, you can easily play with it. It’s up to you actually, how strict you’d follow the instructions☺

Zucchini with Grilled Vegetables and Chicken Fat
Cuisine: Austrian
  • Zucchini:
  • 1 small zucchini 100g
  • water
  • salt
  • 20g butter
  • Chickenfat:
  • 1000g chickenskin
  • 50g carotts peeled
  • 50g celery root peeled
  • 30g leek washed
  • salt
  • 5pcs. Juniper berries
  • 2pcs. Laurel leaves
  • 3000g water
  • Vegetable reduction:
  • 20g carotts
  • 20g parsley roots
  • 20g celery root
  • 20g leek
  • 2 small onions
  • 20pc. Champignons
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 10g fresh parsley
  • 10g lovage
  • 10g chervil
  • 10g thym
  • 5pcs. Juniper berries
  • 5 laurel leavs
  • 3000g Water
  • some Oil
  • Salt
  1. Cut the zucchini into quater with a lengh of round about 8cm.
  2. Cook them 30seconds in boiling saltwater.
  3. Heat the butter till its brown.
  4. Mix it with the cooked zucchini and some salt.
  1. Wash the chickenskin.
  2. Put all ingredients together in a pot and cook it slowly for 2h.
  3. Strain the soup together with the fat.
  4. Take the fat off and keep it.
  5. Reduce the rest oft he soup nearly to 200g.
  6. pcs. Gelatine leave
  7. Put the gelatine leave for 3 minutes in cold water.
  8. Put the soup and zhe Gelantine in a mixer.
  9. Add some salt and the chickenfat and mix it hard.
  10. Put it into the fridge in an oblong bowl for 4h.
  11. Take it out and cut cubes.
Vegetable reduction:
  1. Wash and peel all the root vegetables and cut it with all the other vegetables into the half.
  2. Heat the oil in a heavy iron pan till it´s smoking,
  3. Roast the vegetable short and hard till they are nearly black outside.
  4. Give the roasted vegetable, the herbs, juniper,laurel leaves , salt and the water together in a pot.
  5. Put it in the oven for 4h and 150°C, don´t cover it.
  6. Than strain the fond and reduce it, till it´s like sirup-like.
  1. Arrange the zucchini, the chicken fat and the roasted vegetable sauce on a white plate and garnish it with flowers and herbs you like.
  2. I prefere for example anis hyssop blossoms.