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Trakool Yodsuk aka Chef Korn

Chef at Erawan Classic Thai and Fusion Restaurant

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My name is Trakool Yodsuk. But the world of restaurant business knows me under the name of Chef Korn. My real name is much less popular — you can even check it out on Google.

I’m the executive chef of Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion at Kota Damansara, it’s almost Kuala Lumpur, fast beside.

I was born in Thailand, in the small city of Chantaburi. It often rains there, but I was born on February 18th — in a «dry» season in 1980.

Higher education I got at the prestigious university in Bangkok — with a specialization in Business Administration at Assumption University.

Labor of love I have never studied, except for the fact that my grandmother and mother are excellent cooks – from them I learned the basis of Thai cuisine. Of course, all mothers and grandmothers cook tasty (do you say about yours otherwise?), but my grandmother works for the Thai Royal Palace and my mother is an excellent cook. So, the ability to cook well — it’s familial.

I became a chef by accident. My brother and I decided to open a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur — from the date of opening Erawan, I worked as a chef which is about 5 years.
My mantra is simple: «I cook, tasting and testing.» I try to avoid blindly following the recipes. After all, it’s as much art as painting, and there can’t be precise rules. I’m really happy the opportunity to show my passion for Thai cooking.

We were included for several times in the Miele Guide — Erawan in 2013 became the second of the five best restaurants in Malaysia. But there is nothing to become conceited, it only shows that my team and I are doing everything correctly.

I like cooking dishes of authentic Thai cuisine, but I never forget to add a little European flavours — I like fusion. It’s reflected even in our title. If to be more specific – I always like Massaman Chicken Curry, Crispy salad with papaya and aromatic Blue Rice salad.

By the way, in our restaurant all the ingredients are always fresh – so without changing this principle, you have to pre-book not only a table, but also dishes from the menu. We just do not buy huge products refrigerators. Absolutely everything wherefrom we’ll prepare your dish, «arrives» in our restaurant on the same day.

Whenever I have free time, I go for shopping. Whenever I traveled, I like to try new food.
Even before my work as a chef, I was a «man of art» — painted with acrylic and made a lot of different doodads with my hands. I’m still fond of it — you can see my work in the interior of the restaurant. Little strokes make Erawan unique.

I also collect funds for churches, organized charity sale of food. It gives me a sense of satisfaction — so I can give something to society, not just to take, as we all used to.

I would really like to see more people found out the original authentic Thai cuisine. I even wrote a book Thai @ Home Cook for everyone to be able to cook Thai dishes — so it isn’t difficult. Do it at home, even without the books, because you have the Internet with a bunch of recipes! Come on google right now, I believe in you.

It was difficult to choose one dish, but on the tasty photo Foie gras custard with crispy shallot. It’s royal Thai dessert, very ancient.

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Erawan Classic Thai and Fusion Restaurant

22-1, Jalan PJU 5/16,Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Telephone: 03-61412393

Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion – it’s an awesome place, combining authentic Thai cuisine and bright flavours of modern European cooking. Devotion to historical recipes, diluted by fresh forms – is art with which you fall in love with food. Atmosphere of ease, comfort and love for Thai cuisine complete a lovely experience as well as a dessert becomes the perfect ending to any repast.