There’s Always a Story Behind

100+ Chefs from more than 15 countries of the world, their Success Stories and Recipes.

This is a unique and one-of-a-kind Project.

The goal of Food’n’Chef Project is to shed some light on those who often stay behind the scenes – food chefs. We eat out daily in cafes, restaurants and bistros, but the interactions we have are mostly with waiters and managers. However, those who are responsible for the food often stay unnoticed. I want to bring back some justice and show those amazing people and their dishes in this great international project.

This is a truly unique project. I travel the world and tell a story about the best chefs and dishes they make. Each story has breathtaking facts about the chef and a story about his favourite dish.

Olive Cake Recipe with Citrus and Cream Cheese

Recipe Ravioli Nero With Salmon in Cheese Sauce and Truffle Paste

Roast Beef Recipe with Miso Dressing

Potato baked with herbs

Four cities I want to come back to again and again

Teriyaki Chicken

Mini Meringues

Sous Vide Beef Cheek, Sweet Sherry Sauce, Perfect Fries and Char Grilled Scallion

Am I roofer? Nope. What am I doing on the roof then? With a recipe of pasta with seasonal mushrooms.

Istanbul with my son. What do kids like?

Rainbow Trout baked in salt dressing (flambe) with tartar made of porcini and pine buds

Istanbul with my son. Istanbul Streets

Low-alcohol digestive mojito with mint and rum cream

Udon noodles with seafood

Istanbul with my son. Bye-bye beautiful city

Rabbit stewed in white wine with vegetables, herbs and mashed pumpkin

Istanbul with my son. Night Istanbul

My struggle with cigarettes and cold scallop julienne with avocado, red caviar and truffle oil

Apple experience and Tomato chess Recipe

Istanbul with my son. Antalya’s Aquarium

Campagne Bread

Istanbul with my son. Incredible view on the way to Antalya

My collection of accessories for shooting and recipe of Blackcurrant Mousse with Wine Jelly and Chocolate Sponge Cake

On how not to fall between two stools, and wok vegetable recipe

Istanbul with my son. Cars museum

Cray fish soup

Istanbul with my son. Bosphorus sunset


The best business cards for a photographer and the recipe of tagliatelle with butter and black truffles

Strawberry Kiss

Risotto with saffron and Black Sea mussels

Roasted langoustine with green beans pure, their cookies and veal trotters

Armenia. Symphony of the Stones

On how I took a picture of the most popular Chef of Spain and Parmesan Gnocchi with Truffle, Sautéed and Raw Mushrooms

10 Tips For Beginning Food Photographer (Part 2)

Armenia. Infatuating landscapes of Garni

“Sesame coins” dessert with cream made of cashew and Hibiscus flowers

Armenia. How to cook lavash in tandoor

Pentax 645Z Medium Format DSLR Camera Test And Waffle Cone With Condensed Milk And Nuts

10 Tips For Beginning Food Photographer (Part 1)

Armenia. Tufenkian Hotel in Alaverdi

Chicken in Orange Sauce

Armenia. ‘Pickle mafia’ of Molokans

Rum Baba

What can a child do on-board while his father is asleep?

Istanbul – City of Fairy Tales

Armenia. Dilijan

Strawberry Gazpacho with Chinese five-spice powder and prawns

Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan

Armenia. Goris that I wasn’t able to see

Ravioli filled with ricotta and lemon from Amalfi

Armenia. Noravank

Arroz del Senyoret or Arroz a banda

Hong Kong with Fujifilm X-M1

Armenia. Road to Goris

Lamb Roll

Armenia. Nation of inventors

Foie gras custard with crispy shallot

Thanksgiving Turkey

Armenia. Day I

Salmon six Ways

Armenia. The beginning

48-Hour Cooked Short Ribs with Rocoto Mustard

Cuttlefish Black and White


Mini burger platter (Chicken and Beef)

Beef Wellington

Turkish Delight


Lobster Linguine

Sea Food Platter

Porcini in Papillote

Scallop Carpaccio, Soft Cooked Egg and White Truffle Dressing

Pan-Fried Atlantic Cod Filet with Ratatouille

Sapphire Infinity

Fruit Carpaccio with Lavender Syrup

Banana Cake 2014

Yaki Soba Noodles with Veal Tenderloin and Teriyaki Sauce

Dark Chocolate «Supreme» with Hazelnuts and Coffee-Orange Sauce

Lamb Chop with Herbs and Foie Gras

Country Duck Terrine with Pistachio


Wacky Adventures of the Food Photographer and a Perfect Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

How Does Food Photographer Act as a Host and Biscotti Recipe

Roasted Venison Filet, Aromatic «Pomme Anna» & Black Trumpet Mushroom, Sauce Venison

Agnolotti del “Plin” Al Castemagno with Butter and Sage Sauce in a Crispy Parmesan Basket

Do not read it when hungry!

Cod Fillet with Mixed Herbs Butter

Mini Oranges

Classic Pancakes with maple syrup

Berry Compote with Cardinal Cream

Les Moules de la Mere Bonnier

Steamed Whole Fresh Crab Claw with Winter Melon

Marinated Duck with Chanterelles Gris and Black Pudding, Served with Pickled Cherries

About the best food Ukraine photographers and salmon tartare with avocado

About Hong Kong post and how nice to get a paper card

9 Tips to Look Nice in Photos

Burger with Rosemary Aioli and Onion Confiture

Roe Deer Loin with Piedmont Aromatic Cheese Fondue and Foie Gras

Larousse Gastronomique and the recipe of Ukrainian borsch

Hong Kong as a location for photo shoots

Hummus with paprika and olive oil

Polenta Gratin with parmesan

Barcelona – a city of great love

French Lemon Tart

How to cook a simple baked pudding-souffle

How to speak on the telephone in Europe without roaming charges

How to choose the most delicious restaurant in the city

Homemade salad with baked vegetables and slices of rye bread

About farting Chinese

One day in Istanbul

Import in Hong Kong

Flying home

Faerie cold in Hong Kong and what to do in Hong Kong

How to configure a very cheap roaming in trips

The first and the last post about Macau

In search of true Hong Kong

About sense of novelty

I’m not a photographer of fireworks

How to recharge the account in the extinct city and about tangerine’s mood

Hong Kong – the city that eats energy

Nightlife of Russian girls in Hong Kong

Hiking in Hong Kong

Funny pilots in United Airlines

The most delicious ice cream

Singapore. Love Confession

City where absolutely nothing to do

Badu Caves – dull caves in Kuala Lumpur

Jazz bar No Black Tie

Again about food and about the fact that there is nothing to do in KL

Question about transit and the airport in Kuala Lumpur

Thai food in Kuala Lumpur

About how to close the luggage during the flights and selfie again

Photoshoot in Hong Kong and Lan Kwai Fong

Place of the case and about heaven signages

Shave whether beard and about delicious food in Hong Kong

How much do you cost?

About equipment and processing

Victoria Peak – a tourist attraction

Time zones, food and about the nature

How many kilometers I reeled in Hong Kong

Cleanliness in Hong Kong

Language, searching the restaurants and life on the trestles in Hong Kong

About food, Odessa and again selfie

Strange lights over Asian sky

Where do the washing in Hong Kong?

The most beautiful places in Hong Kong

At home, in Hong Kong

Singapore and returning to Hong Kong

Singapore. The third day

Singapore. The second day

Welcome to Singapore

My New Year fail or how not to shoot fireworks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong. The eight day

Hong Kong. The fifth day

Christmas in Hong Kong: two views of the street celebrations

Over Flying to Hong Kong

Figueres, the birthplace of Dali and the city of pretty Frenchwomen

As I was late for the train in Girona

Girona. The city, with which I didn’t become friends

The cheapest way to go to Barcelona

Lviv in reflections

Autumn Krakow with Fujifilm X-M1

Food’n’chef: my city

5 reasons why the menu should be small

Tagliatelle with Prawns and Spinach

The restaurant “Odessa”. In search of Odessa cuisine in Kiev

Bazaar on the route Odessa – Kiev

Vilkovo. Gastronomic journey or how I ate frogs. Part III

Vilkovo. Gastronomic journey or how I ate frogs. Part II

Vilkovo. Gastronomic journey or how I ate frogs. Part I

Roasted Salmon Steak, Carrot Ginger, Herbs Juice

17 кулинарных приключений Барселоны

Prawn Jalfrezi

Black Fettuccine with Salmon

Recipe of lobster in vanilla sauce and how glasses helped me to become photographer for one of the best Kyiv restaurants

Ciabatta and mash salad with goat cheese and berries

Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Chicken & Fresh Mango

Poached Lobster with Bird’s Nest and Egg White

Half meter of sausages

Tuna steak with Soba noodles

Duck fillet with dried fruits, potatoes, vegetables and cherry sauce

Back of a lamb on potatoes with cherry

Hong Kong. Third day. Chinese English

Hong Kong. Second day. Details.

Hong Kong. First day. The smell.

Hong Kong. Flight.

Roll with tempura shrimp in wasabi sesame with pineapple, avocado and pepper salsa

Lviv – the city of lions

Thai-Italian Friendship

Tuna with citrus dressing

Pasta with seafood

Risotto with duck fillet and ratatouille