Etymologically the word “bisque” is related to Biscay, the province of Spain. That was a name of spicy dish with boiled meat or game in the Spanish cuisine. Gradually bisque were made of poultry, and served to lobsters and cheese. And in the 17th century, seafood, and most crayfish became the main ingredient of bisque.

Bisque soup recipe from Yuri traditionally contains cream, wine and brandy. But in this recipe the brand-chef, unlike in other recipes, uses white wine instead of red. Bisque soups taste delicious, and accompanied by pike cutlets the dish stands as a true masterpiece.

Cream Soup Bisque from Crayfish with Pike Cutlets
  • Crayfish – 1 kg
  • Onion 150 g
  • Carrot 150 g
  • Celery 150 g
  • Brandy 50 ml
  • Dry white wine 400 ml
  • Salt 10 g
  • Fish broth 1 liter
  • Cream 150 ml
  • Butter 100 g
  • Toast bread 100 g
  • Bay leaf, thyme, parsley to taste
  • For cutlets:
  • Pike fillet 100 g
  • Butter 100 g
  • Flour 20 g
  • Milk 50 ml
  • 1 egg
  • Black pepper 1 g
  • Ground nutmeg 1 g
  • Salt 2 g
  • For decoration:
  • Micro green 2 g
  • Black caviar 2 g
  • Baguette 30 g
  1. Boil 3 liters of water in a large saucepan, salt it, add the crayfish and boil for 3 minutes.
  2. Remove from heat and let cool in the broth for 30-50 minutes.
  3. Take out the crayfish, removing the crayfish tails and set them aside.
  4. Put the claws and shells on a baking sheet and dry them in the oven at 220⁰S until golden-red color for about 10 minutes.
  5. Take out the baking sheet from the oven, sprinkle the shells with heated brandy and immediately set on fire, let the flame burn out.
  6. Put the shells in the blender, add half of the broth and blend until smooth.
  7. Chop the veggies into small cubes.
  8. Melt 70 g of butter in a saucepan with a thick bottom, add the veggies on medium heat until a light golden brown (about 20 minutes), stirring it constantly.
  9. Add the wine, increase the heat and evaporate a half of the liquid.
  10. Add the claws and the broth to the pan, beat up the shells and bouquet garni.
  11. Bring the soup to a boil at medium heat, reduce heat and cook under the lid for 60 minutes.
  12. Remove the bouquet garni and claws out of the pan.
  13. Strain the bisque through a sieve into a clean saucepan, add the cream.
  14. Whisk the mixture and warm at low heat, without boiling.
  15. Grind all the ingredients for the cutlets.
  16. Mix well until smooth.
  17. Shape small cutlets and cook them steamed for 1-2 minutes.
  18. Pour the warm bisque in bowls, put a pike cutlet into each bowl, decorate the dish.

If someone tells me he doesn’t like soups, I do not believe his words. A kind of similar soup was given to us, kids, in the childhood, as our first soup. That’s impossible not to like it. And may be during this ‘soup-eating procedure’, a grandma was playing a rattle, and a father played drums, an elder sister was jumping up to the ceiling to distract you, and at that time a mother was quickly feeding you with a spoon. But the fact remains, you were eating a cream soup.

Yuriy Chernous, brand chef at Ryba Chok restaurant, expert in the world of flavour and taste, and real cooking expert with more than 20 years of experience offers you to try a crayfish bisque soup. Its rich flavor and aroma will not leave you indifferent, and you will fall in love with the first spoonful.

Cream Soup Bisque from Crayfish with Pike Cutlets

And immediately to the table! Freshly cooked bisque seduces with its rich aroma and great taste!

This is not the first fish dish Yuriy presents on Food’n’Chef. I’m still recalling his rainbow trout baked in salt dressing (flambe) with tartar made of porcini and pine buds and silver carp fillet with carrot ratatouille on reddish carpaccio with admiration and inexpressible pleasure. If you are the same passionate admirer of fish dishes, like me, then you are obliged to have a recipe of crayfish bisque cream soup with pike cutlets in your culinary collection.

How to cook not just a tasty soup, but a culinary masterpiece? Yuriy Chernous believes that everything is based on love, and the same principles work both in the kitchen and in life. The famous chef loves nature and the world around, loves life, loves his job, thus his dishes taste so delicious that the guests of the restaurant are sincerely appreciate it.