Mixing cocktails is a pure magic. When seemingly incompatible ingredients are mixed together in a glass, and the result is gorgeous, it can’t be called otherwise as ‘magic’.

The etymology of the word ‘cocktail’ is very ambiguous. More than a dozen of different versions explains its origin.

If you look in the Oxford Dictionary, the first mention of the word ‘cocktail’ dates back to 1803 in the United States. People called mixed drinks that way.

Godfather Winemaker Cocktail

A few more popular theories are as follows:

From the French word ‘coquetier’ that means a ‘stand for eggs’, and is associated with the appearance of sazerak cocktail in New Orleans.

Also from the French ‘coquetel’ – a mixed drink that was very popular in the neighborhood of Bordeaux and brought to the United States during the revolution.

Another theory mentions ‘cock ale’ – a drink on the basis of ale and chicken broth.

And I continue to share with you the recipes from my new book ‘Christmas Whisky Cocktails’. Today we have another recipe from WHISKY Corner, Godfather Winemaker cocktail. And according to rumours, that was the favourite drink of Marlon Brando!

Godfather Winemaker Cocktail
  • 30 ml Whisky Single Malt Scotch
  • 30 ml Amaretto liqueur
  • 30 ml port wine
  1. Fill the glass with ice.
  2. Add the ingredients in turns and mix until until the glass is frosted.
  3. Decorate with lemon peel.

Christmas Whisky Cocktails by Aleksandr  Slyadnev

Christmas Whisky Cocktails

Best Whisky Based Christmas Cocktails

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