How to spell it correctly – dorado or dorada? Well, I know for sure, the answer is “very tasty”! As for the correct spelling, consult the Wikipedia.

In fact, this world-famous fish has a lot of names: aurata, sparus, lampuka and even dolphin fish. In American restaurants it is called dorade, in Italy – orata, dorada in Portugal, dorado – in Spain. 
Dorado is a well-known delicacy, which is particularly loved in the Mediterranean countries. This is a signature dish of Malaysian cuisine, “business card” of many restaurants in Malta and Hawaii, where it is served baked with head and tail.

Chef of Under Wonder restaurant Dariya Grositskaya perfectly cooks fish dishes. She suggests her recipe of dorado, elegant and simple at the same time. Delicate taste of dorado is complemented by the vegetables and spicy sauce.

Dorado Fish with Vegetable Tagliatelle
Recipe Type: Seafood
  • 1 dorado fish
  • 50 g carrots (thin slices)
  • 50 g zucchini (slices)
  • 20 g olive oil
  • 20 g butter
  • 50 g orange juice
  • 20 g white wine
  • 100 g chicken broth
  • 5 g capers
  • 15 g orange pulp
  • 10 g (5 mm-wide slices)
  • 2 g salt
  • 1 g thyme
  • 2 g sugar
  • 1 g orange peels
  • 1 g ground black pepper
Clean the fish
  1. Make cuts along the back and abdomen and separate two fillets
  2. Remove the abdominal and spinal bones
  3. Season with salt and pepper
Cook the sauce
  1. Fry onions in olive oil until transparent
  2. Add the capers, orange zest and pulp
  3. Add the thyme and wine, evaporate the liquid;
  4. Enter the part of the broth and orange juice
  5. Evaporate, and add a little bit of salt and sugar, the sauce should taste sour-sweet-salty
  6. Instructions for the fish:
  7. Fry the dorade fillet on both sides in olive oil
  8. Put the slices of carrot and zucchini in the same frying-pan.
  9. The vegetables should be under the fish!
  10. Pour the fish and the vegetables with the sauce and remaining broth
  11. Stew about 10 minutes, until the vegetables are cooked al dente (well stewed but not overcooked);
  12. Add the butter, making circular clockwise motions with a frying pan on the stove
  13. First put the fish fillets on a plate, add the vegetables on top and pour with the sauce.

Fish with vegetables is a win-win combination of flavors and a real gastronomic pleasure!
Dorado is characterized with a spot between the eyes in the form of a golden crescent.

Dorado fish with vegetable tagliatelle-2

According to the legends of ancient Greece, goddess of love Aphrodite awarded the fish with such a mark. And all due to the unusual method of reproduction. It turns out that all fish are born as males, and three years later turn into females. Such a rebirth during one lifetime! How do you like that?