Art is the only suitable word to describe cocktails. You can see everyone drinking cocktails: girlfriends, chatting on a Friday evening on, serious men, discussing the terms of a new deal, friends, celebrating a birthday or a guy who is trying to attract a girl’s attention, “Excuse me, can I treat you with a cocktail?”

Therefore, a cocktail is an indisputable participant of many important and significant events in our lives.

Winter EveningCocktail - 1

It turns out that this drink is quite serious, so there are a few categories of it:

The first one is aperitifs or short drinks (originates from the French word ‘aperitif’ – to open), mostly strong cocktails served before meals to work up an appetite.

The second category is digestives, cocktails to drink during or after meals. Typically they must be sweet or sour.

And the third category is long drinks (originates from the English expression ‘long drink’), that are quite refreshing cocktails served in large portions with ice. This kind of a cocktail one can usually ‘sip’ during the whole evening.

And today our story dedicates exactly to a long drink. Winter Evening Cocktail from WHISKY Corner. This cocktail was invented in a winter January evening and perfectly tunes for calm and peaceful rest, and what is most important – to enjoy beauty!

Winter Evening Cocktail
Recipe Type: Drinks
  • 20 ml bourbon
  • 20 ml melon liqueur
  • 5 ml Grenadine syrup
  • 20 ml orange juice
  • 20 ml 30%-cream
  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with two-thirds of ice, pour all the ingredients in the above-mentioned order and intensively shake.
  2. Pour through a strainer into a chilled cocktail glass.
  3. Decorate with orange peel.

Christmas Whisky Cocktails by Aleksandr  Slyadnev

Christmas Whisky Cocktails

Best Whisky Based Christmas Cocktails

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